» COCOMONKEY BIO Coconut shells Barbecue briquettes are the green, natural alternative to conventional hardwood charcoal.
» Our briquettes are made from a waste product of coconut oil production. Thus, no trees are felled for the production of our product.
» COCOMONKEY barbecue briquettes develop almost no smoke when heated and are odorless.
» The perfect charcoal for a subtle and pleasant smell on your grill or smoker.
» COCOMONKEY barbecue briquettes are predestined for long barbecues and smoker evenings with low smoke development.
» Due to the very high pressure when pressing the Gillbriketts the burning time prolongs significantly and prevents the early disintegration of the coal.
» The ash content of the COCOMONKEY barbecue briquettes is less than 5 percent. This prevents an inhibited air circulation, which can occur with normal charcoal.
» As binder we use tapioca flour in food quality.
» No chemicals or other additives are used that could affect taste or quality.
» Your COCOMONKEY team wishes you a genuine and tasteful barbecue / smoker experience.