No trees are cut down for the production of our product.

Kokoskohlebriketts aus Indonesien,

its world famous quality. of course comes from a fertile coconut plantation in Indonesia, no coconut trees are cut down in the production activity of coconut charcoal briquettes of this cube. We are CocoMonkey company is very concerned with the environment, our production while maintaining the sustainability of coconut trees. Indonesia has the largest coconut plantation area in the world, with an area of 3.86 million hectares (ha) or 31.2 percent of the total world area. By buying cocomonkey product which is coconut shell charcoal product means you have been protecting environment from logging. Coconut plants are widespread throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Coconut charcoal (CCL) is one of the best processed coconut products. our commitment to preserve the environment from logging by means of all genuine cocomonkey products using original coconut shell materials.



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